Authentic Mexican Cuisine To Disrupt and Delight!

Case Study: Mexican House

Elevating Tastes with Vibrant Latin Flavors!

As the Canadian culinary scene evolves, Mexican House proudly stands as the premier destination for true Latin taste experiences, bringing an authentic blend of Mexican and Spanish-inspired dishes to discerning palates.

The Challenge

Founder Miguel Benitez envisioned establishing a network of Latin-inspired eateries across Canada, catering especially to London and Leamington’s thriving Latin American community.

Capitalizing on the surge in demand for Mexican cuisine within Canada’s dynamic foodservice industry fueled Mexican House’s expansion aspirations.

In a competitive market, Mexican House had to become distinguished and prove capable of delivering an unparalleled cultural and culinary journey.

The Solution

Miguel’s inspiring journey from Mexico to Canada serves as a testament to Mexican House’s accomplishments, having delighted over 1000+ patrons.

Ambitious plans to franchise across Ontario and other cities within 3-7 years are now in motion. Our initiatives included:

  • Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Engaging Investor Pitch DeckĀ 
  • Insightful Market Analysis
  • Comprehensive Marketing Fusion

Our Methodology:

In close partnership with Mexican House, we developed an execution strategy for effective market penetration and expansive growth, encapsulating:

Crafting a Skilled Workforce: Rigorous hiring and meticulous training ensured consistent excellence across all outlets.

Delighting the Customer: Our approach encompassed diverse culinary offerings, impeccable service, live entertainment, and music, all harmonizing to exceed customer expectations.

Seamless Community Integration: We fostered ties with Latin communities, local businesses, educational institutions, and event planners, expanding catering services for grand occasions.

The Journey Forward

Through these endeavors, accompanied by imaginative content, Mexican House has firmly established itself as an unmatched purveyor of authentic Mexican flavors and enriching cultural encounters.

Elevating the Gastronomic Landscape, Mexican House Proudly Unveils Its Newest Outpost at Cherryhill Village Mall.