Johnie Walker Unseen Mentor Evening


The brief from DIAGEO CEMEA was simple… Treat whiskey connoisseurs to a night of sensory indulgence and set the stage for the JWBL Mentor from Scotland to take over and introduce the depth of flavours that go into every bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label.


That magic phrase ‘Sensory indulgence’ lead our team to think in terms of engaging all the senses and making the evening just a dash more mysterious and provocative by adding blindfolds and soothing music.

We recruited an ensemble of talented solo musicians and gave the reigns over to the sultry Salha and her smooth jazz band to link each ingredient and aroma to a musical instrument. Once the band had warmed up the crowd, brand ambassador Jonathan Driver took over proceedings. Here’s how the evening flowed…


Band performs instrumental music as guests arrive.

Salha opens evening with a Jazzy rendition of Black Velvet by Alannah Myles.

“Good evening gentleman. Welcome to the Johnnie Walker Black Label Unseen Mentor evening. My name is Salha, and I am about to take you on a journey guaranteed to enflame your senses, and indulge much more than just your thirst for knowledge. But before we do so, I would like to explain why tonight is called Johnnie Walker Black Label Unseen. JWBL is a blend of 40 malts, each with a predominant flavor.

To appreciate the depths, and highlight the masked aromas; waiting to be discovered and savored in every sip… To appreciate the JWBL Unseen… I want you to forget everything you’ve tasted, everything you’ve heard, everything you’ve experienced, and everything you think you know about Johnnie Walker Black Label. Tonight we’re going to reintroduce you to familiar smells, tastes and sounds and give you an entirely new appreciation for them. I will be heightening your senses with the rhythmic magic and decadent sounds of Jazz Music!

To appreciate Jazz one must start by listening to the small differences in rhythm, the silences in between the melody that each instruments produces individually. Like JWBL, Jazz Music is all about the experience. The great satchmo, Louis Armstrong said it best: “If you got to ask, you’ll never know”. Now! Gentleman, please put on your blindfolds and allow me to further deepen the Black Label Unseen experience. Johnnie Walker Black Label has a smooth enigmatic character that fuses a blend of delicate flavors, notes, and tones. It reveals itself in waves of subtle emotion. With each sip you experience something new, something different…

Let’s discover the intimate secrets behind the Black Label’s distinctive blend while savoring the smells, and absorbing the sounds that represent the main ingredients of this premium and sophisticated Johnnie Walker Black Label blend.”

FADE IN DRUMS – “The blending process begins with finding the natural rhythm of the whiskey, and as we hear the drums play, the percussion guides us like a heartbeat. Its depth of texture inspires images of rich Earthy Smoke rising from cedar wood crackling on an Autumn bonfire. Can you hear the rhythmic ideas? The way the drums create the tempo with intent and purpose? Can you smell the rich deep aromas being drummed into existence?”

FADE IN BASS – “Now the Bass… Bass supports the harmony and adds a layer of low notes that hint at the striking scent of figs, sultanas, and raisins. Can you feel how the rhythm slices the chords into simple moody harmonies as the rounded swells of sherry casks and Rich Fruit melt into each other?”

FADE IN KEYBOARD – “As the keys start to frolic, the ingredients bind together, merging low and middle notes reminding us of tropical scents like Creamy Vanilla ice-cream, honey, and chocolate melting into delicious flavors that touch on pure sensual ecstasy. Can you hear the notes harmonizing and the keys telling the story of its sweet origin?”

FADE IN GUITAR – “Music is all about passion. The guitar provides the rhythmic pulse, breathing life into an orchard of Fresh and Fruity fragrances that swoop and swoon over the mixture. Slivers of fresh juicy flavors explode, and mix seamlessly with the succulent essence of apples, cherries, and pear skins. It comes from deep within.”

FADE IN SAX – “Hear the sax filling up the spaces between the notes with a delicate synergy of sweet and rich perfumes. Can you hear the rules being broken? As the four main whiskey flavors weave into each other the distinctive Johnnie Walker Black label character immediately emerges and lingers on the palate.”

FADE IN VOCALS WITH QUICK CHORUS – “All the ingredients can now be tasted and appreciated for their individual contribution to the whole. The full whisky flavors weave into each other, and the distinctive Johnnie Walker Black Label’s character immediately emerges from the depths and lingers mysteriously on your palate. Just like the band is not whole without all the instruments, the JWBL blend is not complete without all the ingredients.”

FADE OUT SAX, GUITAR, KEYS, BASS, AND VOCALS, UNTIL ONLY A STEADY DRUMBEAT RESONATES – “Gentleman. Now, please remove your blindfolds and let all your senses revel in the music and the taste of Johnnie Walker Black Label. With that I thank you for your charming company and take great pleasure in introducing you to your Master Mentor Jonathan, who will be delving much deeper into the history, art, science, and complexity behind appreciating the world finest premium whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label. Join me by welcoming him with a warm round of applause. Shokran and Good Evening Jonathan!”

Jonathan takes over and band exits.

The end.